About Me

Basically, I am a teacher. Previously a Project Manager and Managing Director for a small company. I can teach and help you for these following areas.

Software Development

I teach and develop application for these languages and frameworks.
1. Python: Django and Basic Usage
2. PHP: Laravel, WordPress


I teach English for these following areas.
1. TOEFL Preparation
2. Grammar-Structure

What I’m good at?

This section explains my expertise, especially in Software Development

System Design for Websites

I have a lot of experience in System Design for Websites because I was an Engineering Manager previously. Therefore, I am familiar with programming language selection and server selection.

Geographic Information System

In 2017-2018, I was involved in GIS (Geographic Information System) projects for around a year that uses PostgreSQL, Laravel, and Leaflet. I thought a workshop for GIS on June 2020 for a state university in Indonesia.

Personal and Company Profile Websites

I am familiar with WordPress and plain HTML+CSS for personal and company profile website usage. As a freelancer, I have finished six websites from 2019.

Membership, e-Learning, and e-Commerce Websites

I am familiar with Woocommerce on WordPress that enables business to sell their own products. I have set up an e-Learning website. Currently, I am preparing a membership site too.

Contact Me

You can contact me through Chatbox or the following contacts.